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Dale Frank, Europe Europe Who, 2012

doc martens pascal boot (the classic eight-eye) now comes in a reproduction of the right panel of heironymus bosch’s garden of earthly delights 





…and it’s true too.

I just always reblog this story too. Because it’s awesome. And because obviously Boggs is the kind of person that should be well known, and become a role model. (And Chris Garcia, Boggs’s friend who rode as well!) 
Also, I wanted to note that there’s a scholarship fund for the two boys set up. You can donate here!:

Reblogging for scholarship information

The scholarship fund is currently at $15k, but we know that even now that’s a pittance compared to the actual cost of higher ed. And it doesn’t look like costs are going to be coming down, unfortunately.
Please donate if you can, and signal boost the heck outta this.

Always reblog because someday I hope the first thing I think when we see a photo of a young black man is something like this, not “criminal” or “murdered by police.”
Also Tumblr, if we can raise money for people’s medical bills and sick cats and so on, surely we can send these two young men to college?



white girls can’t wear bindis because in sixth grade one time i was dropped off at school by my aunt who was wearing a bindi at the time and some girl’s mom whispered to her friend how she would never let her daughter play with me because my family had probably been happy about 9/11 and then four years later that daughter showed up to school wearing a bindi as part of her “”“boho”“” look

fight me

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